Amphora coffeaeformis

info:Name - Amphora coffeaeformis; Authority - (C.A. Agardh) Kützing (1844); Strain number by isolator - A13; Date of collecting - 03.2003; Collecting site - Gulf of Gdańsk, costal station near Gdynia; General habitat - brackish; Isolator - Filip Pniewski, Adam Latała; Identifier - Filip Pniewski, Adam Latała; Culture medium - f/2; Literature - Latała A., Jodłowska S., Pniewski F. 2006. Culture Collection of Baltic Algae (CCBA) and characteristic of some strains by factorial experiment approach - Archiv für Hydrobiologie 165, Algological Studies 122, 137-154, Pniewski F, Friedl T, Latała A. Identification of diatom isolates from the Gulf of Gdańsk: testing of species identifications using morphology, 18S rDNA sequencing and DNA barcodes of strains from the Culture Collection of Baltic Algae (CCBA). Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies, 2010, 39, 3–20; Sequence - 18S rDNA HM805019, 5.8S+ITS2 rDNA fragments for use as DNA barcode HM805021; Comments: