Principal functions

Maintenance and supply of living cultures of Baltic and freshwater algae from Poland.
Research and environmental applications, provision of educational materials and algal depository.

General information

The CCBA collection of algae, established in the mid-1980s by Dr. Adam Latała, has university status. The CCBA collection is part of the Department of Oceanography and Geography of the University of Gdańsk and is run by the scientific team of the Laboratory of Marine Plant Ecophysiology (PERM). The university covers all personnel costs and provides breeding rooms and laboratories. CCBA collection maintains the strains of Baltic cyanobacteria and microalgae and a more limited number of freshwater or marine cyanobacteria and microalgae and small multicellular seaweeds collected from a various range of habitats. The culture collection specializes in obtaining plant organisms from the Baltic Sea and Poland and constantly increases its resources with new isolated strains. The cultures are unialgal, mostly non-axenic. With proper approval, selected strains are available for research and education purposes free of charge. They are available for purchase by commercial enterprises. Some of them are available for distribution, others are still being described or researched. We do not distribute strains from other collections. All strains are listed with a serial number (CCBA). Please use this number when referring to a publication or when requesting any collection strain. The strains can be used by all interested persons and organizations. Full information on the strains of cultures (availability, ordering, delivery, etc.) can be obtained from the collection manager.

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Laboratories, along with equipment for growing algae under controlled conditions, can provide a favorable environment for experimental work on topics such as ecophysiology, taxonomy, ecotoxicology and phylogenesis of algae.


The CCBA collection includes both original strains isolated by ourselves and strains obtained from collections of world cultures. Currently, about one hundred original isolated strains of Baltic cyanobacteria and Baltic algae and about one hundred strains obtained from other collections are available. The laboratory resources of the CCBA collection are three thermostated rooms, adjustable from 10 °C to 30 °C and with light / dark cycles. Culture aeration gases are available and can be used extensively. In addition, there are also eight smaller light / dark cycle incubators, capable of maintaining a constant temperature (± 1 °C) of 5 °C to 40 °C and regulated light intensity. A laminar flow chamber is used for aseptic work with grafts. The CCBA collection also includes laboratory devices such as an autoclave, laboratory glassware washer, refrigerators, fume hood, LM microscopes, HPLC set, AA spectrophotometer, Coulter counter, laboratory balances, sonicator, water purification equipment, microrespirometer, flow cytometer, PAM fluorometer and laboratory photobioreactors.


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